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Algorithmic Search Engine Optimization

Google get’s 2,000,000,000,000 search queries a day. How many visitors are you getting?

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of harnessing the design behind Google’s algorithm to increase your sites traffic in search engines. There are thousands of data points and billions of users that Google processes on any single day. With all of this information making sure that your site is at the top of consumers shopping lists is no small task. Luckily there is a defined set of practices that we can use to boost your site’s (free) traffic, increase sales, and grow your digital reputation.

Benefits of SEO


Increase Revenue


Increase Rankings & Search Traffic


Build Your Site’s Reputation & Authority


Gain Completely New Customers

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Our Method

Your Portland SEO Company uses our own exclusive SEO algorithm to create and execute a strategy. We discover what is working in your vertical and then leverage it to grow your business. For much of search engine optimization’s history an SEO was only as good as the tricks & tactics they could use to influence rankings. As a result SEO companies could portray their work as magic. (and many took advantage)

While we can still raise rankings with a host of fixes & technical error prevention, SEO has become about the end user. Our method relies on using the search algorithm as a tool for influencing user behavior and boosting sales.

As the business world gets more competitive and large companies focus more of there spend on digital and away from TV and billboards every business needs a vehicle of reliable free traffic. The fact is that while paid ads work in the short term, SEO and content marketing is one of the few areas were you can depend on consistent and compounding returns.

SEO Works

An array of high quality organic rankings is the ultimate sign of authority in the 21st Century. While we all intuitively know people look to search engines like Google as signs of legitimacy there are also a plethora of statistics that confirm the value of high quality rankings.

70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on organic results instead.
75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
93% of online experiences begin with a search engines like Google & Bing.
According to Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, high quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search.
Google has decreased the number of organic blue links displayed as the result of a search from 10 to 8.5, on average.
Behind user generated content, like reviews, search engines are the trusted source for consumer confidence.
Inbound leads (from say people finding you on a search engine) are 61% cheaper to convert into paying customers.
Search engines drive four times more traffic to content sites than social media. (there also the #1 driver of traffic to content sites)
91% of internet users use search.
57% of B2B companies generate more leads through SEO than any other marketing initiative.
50% of search queries are four words or longer.
71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic query on serach engines.

Our Process

Every market & site is different, but below are the common components of our SEO process. We try as hard as we can to explicitly explain everything we’re doing and going to do for your site. (which is why we include monthly reporting) While there’s no set protocol for every site, and we need to prioritize by the biggest issues, you can expect the following:

We start every SEO contract by auditing the entire site. Even when a site is doing relatively well there’s always some area where rankings and ultimately revenue can be improved. We focus on isolating all of the issues holding performance back from the start, and clearly identifying what we’ll be working on for you.

Despite what Google, Matt Cutts, or RankBrain updates may have you thinking, backlinks are still a massive part of SEO. We find that right off the bat we need to identify any bad backlinks. So while we identify any major issues that are holding back performance on your site, we also need to make sure there aren’t any toxic backlinks poisoning your backlink profile.

An under appreciated part of any good marketing strategy is studying and understanding what the best of the best are doing. We believe that a solid SEO team should constantly be testing, tweaking strategies according with what’s working, dropping what’s not, and paying attention to best practices across the board. We also like to dig in and actually analyze what you’re key competitors are up to at any given time.

Server issues like 404s, excessive internal 301, and too many 501 errors are all issues we keep an eye on. While seemingly minor a site with several thousands of these issues can’t help but get crushed by the competition. While evaluating our site we make sure there aren’t technical errors coming from your code that are impeding performance.

Modifying meta title tags and meta descriptions tags is one of the classic tasks involved in SEO. While everyone in SEO has a different approach to this, and you may have optimized these items before, we often find that 2017 and beyond demand a different approach then may have been had on your site. Certain posts and pages take optimization for improved click through rates, other take optimization for better rankings and keyword alignment. This fine equilibrium between users and search engines is a core expertise of any search engine optimizer.

There are hundreds of other minute issues that go into our evaluation. We need to make sure that H1 tags, H2 tags, url, duplicate content, inner linking, navigation structure, CRO best practices, and on and on are optimal. We go through our entire list of items at the outset and lay out a clear plan of attack so you know what we’re planning on improving.

While many consumers might skip your copy and go right for the products you sell we like to focus our efforts on making sure that the algorithms are happy. The fact is that ever since the Fred Updates in 2017 on Google’s algorithm, thin pages have been increasingly stigmatized. We need to make sure that your site gives crawlers something to digest.

Link building is probably one of the most reviled parts of SEO. The fact is that it’s hard. Getting links in 2017, especially when Google has outlawed so many different types of links is no small task. Luckily we’re link building experts and can keep you from having to throw your arms up in frustration. Better yet, it may hard and slow, but your competition faces the same hurdle, and I guarantee you, they won’t match our work ethic. Link building is great because it’s the one tactic the competitors can’t fast-follow.

We could talk about the benefits of content all day, but that fact is that the production of high quality content and the beneficial impact that can have on our customers and rankings are undeniable. This is why we bake content in to any SEO package we offer beyond our minimum. Content is just too important not to be adding onto your site.

While Google gave us ample notice that HTTPS would be a ranking factor (and will eventually start warning users about non-HTTPS sites) not everyone has followed suit. If your site isn’t HTTPS ready we can help. Additionally there are also many common pitfalls, like site duplication or mixed asset types that we can diagnose and help you tackle.

The vast majority of online interactions now happen on a mobile device. Even in the most B2B spaces people are reaching onto their phones to search for an item before getting started. Part of our SEO process is to make sure that any hurdles to mobile performance or people on smartphones being turned of from your brand are minimized. Additionally mobile compatibility is a ranking factor, and it’s expected that Google will move to a mobile first ranking algorithm by 2018.

While we audit your site at the beginning of the contract and on a monthly basis one of the major factors we look for is a slow down in site pages. We all have to face it, customers are impatient, and while it may seem minor, speed really matters for an excellent customer experience.

Our SEO & Content Marketing Rates
Local or New Business
SEO Audit
Google & Bing Compliance
Technical Fixes
Local Search
Ranking Increases
Monthly Reporting
1 Monthly High Domain
Authority Guest Post Link
Two High Quality Blog Posts
Promotion of Content
Optional Social
Media Management
Newsletter Management
Social Ads Management
Large eComm Business
SEO Audit
Google & Bing Compliance
Technical Fixes
Local Search
Ranking Increases
Monthly Reporting
1 Monthly High Domain
Authority Guest Post Link
One High Quality Blog Posts
Promotion of Content
Optional Social
Media Management
Newsletter Management
Social Ads Management
Mature eComm Business
SEO Audit
Google & Bing Compliance
Technical Fixes
Local Search
Ranking Increases
Monthly Reporting
2 Monthly High Domain
Authority Guest Post Link
Two High Quality Blog Posts
Promotion of Content
Optional Social
Media Management
Newsletter Management
Social Ads Management
eComm Market Dominance
SEO Audit
Google & Bing Compliance
Technical Fixes
Local Search
Ranking Increases
Monthly Reporting
3 Monthly High Domain
Authority Guest Post Link
Two High Quality Blog Posts
Promotion of Content
Optional Social
Media Management
Newsletter Management
Social Ads Management

Working With Your Portland SEO Company
Don’t let yourself get crushed by the big guys. With all the giant companies hogging up valuable real estate you cannot afford to leave your business to paid advertising routes. Our SEO process is engineered to create growth and keep the big guys out of your backyard.
Step 5: Rinse and Repeat:
You can expect the same gusto from us in month 15 that you got from us on day one. We’re firm believers in the customer is always right. If you don’t feel like we’re winning for you, we’re not happy. You can expect monthly reporting from us, & a clear map of what we’ve done and where we’re going.
Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

1) I thought SEO was Dead what gives?

There are two types of businesses. Those that do SEO and get free traffic from Google and Bing, and those who don’t and wonder why they’re shrinking a little more year after year.

The fact is that search engine real estate is a massively valuable asset, and Google is doing everything it can to sell as many ads as possible without losing leads. Remember, they’re an advertising company before anything else. It’s in their best interest to make sure companies like The Portland SEO company can’t “game the system.” One man’s gaming, is another man’s game of choice.

The fact is that we at Your Portland SEO Company believe in giving the little guy a chance. If you look at the progression of rankings over the last 8 years, more and more traffic is going to massive brands and big ad spenders. I’m not alleging conspiracy, I’m just saying you have to fight with every asset you have. Unless you’re already a Fortune 100, then please by all means waste your cash on TV, Radio, and Display Ads.

The people that pedal in the drivel of “SEO is dead” are either terrible at execution, have been burned before, or don’t understand it’s no longer as simple as handing over money for links. That’s the reason why we take a multidisciplinary approach that puts your customers first and the algorithm second.

2) Why are you guys so cheap?

If you’ve been working with traditional vendors, big names, or anyone who’s been in the business for a long time, you may be surprised by how low are prices are. The fact is that we know we’re a young company. For the CMO, middle manager, business owner, or head of sales that knows you need more inbound leads, we understand your taking a gamble by not buying generic. We know we’re pricing our services 50-80% cheaper than you’d be getting at a traditional organization. And we’re fine with it. We want massive growth and a happy customer base.

3) Why are you guys so expensive?

On the other side of the coin, we know for the average business marketing may be the largest non-material expense you make. Better yet, we know how harrowing it is to roll the dice when you need to win

Don’t worry, we live to win.

At the end of the day it all depends on your business and needs. I tell people all the time, if you need to put food on the plate next month, then just go with paid ads, if you’re willing to make an investment in your future and have time to watch that compound, SEO is the way to go.

4) What goes into link building?

We could talk about link building all day. The fact is that there are literally hundreds of tactics you could pursue to get links to your site. Some of them are basic white hat links of minimal value (do you have every free link on the web that you should? because we guarantee you don’t), others are more complicated. The fact is that the majority of our links after we’ve gained all the basic ones that every business in your niche should have come from guest posting and gaining mentions. It’s the only way to reliably and safely get you the links you need.

5) Are your links safe? 

We work hard to understand your market and search engines. The links we get you are as safe as can be. The sad truth is that poorly executed link-building can do you more harm than good. We’ve seen it before and we’re sad to say that bad link building campaigns can utterly devastate your business. Don’t let it happen to you!

6) What goes into content production?

A blog post is not a blog post worth having unless it’s incredible. We have an internal checklist we’ve used thousands of times to get our customers millions of visits and social shares. Many companies out there will sell you blog posts, which are really just sub-par blurbs written by foreign writers. 500 words is not going to cut it in 2017. In fact you need closer to 1200-2000 to even have hopes of making a dent in rankings. Additionally our posts are engaging, feature great imagery, and are always better than everything else on the market. Better yet if you elect for our Professional package we’ll actually promote your content across the web and relevant communities, which will almost guarantee consistent traffic.

We take massive pride in our content marketing efforts. We dissect your market, read what’s been written before, and create content that your customers will actually enjoy reading.

7) What all goes into your SEO packages.

Our overall SEO process best outlines our work. But we can guarantee Your Portland SEO Company takes nothing off the table. We’ll use any tactic available to us to build out your rankings.

8) Will you sell content separately from SEO.

If you feel like you just need the content component of our work we sell individual pieces for $500 each. The fact is that we bundle it in (and cut you a deal as much of the market research will have already been done) because we believe it’s so important. Our goal when we started Your Portland SEO Company was to never sell a package that wouldn’t get results. Every package is thus calibrated to represent a serve we know will grow your business. 

9) What if I don’t get the results I’m hoping for?

We expect to provide at least 30% online growth to your business when you start with us. But if you aren’t happy with our work, or growth doesn’t meet either of our expectations cancellation is easy. We create three month contracts to start at a minimum, and after that it’s month to month. And believe me cancellation is as easy as it should be…(not like we’re a cable internet company or anything)

10) How do you report on results?

We primarily use Google Analytics to understand your site and our results. We basically use the previous months before we got started as a benchmark for progress. While every business has a degree of seasonality we’re confident we can increase traffic and rankings for most businesses no matter what the season. We also look at secondary metrics like time on page and other engagement factors to monitor our overall success (or failure). For the most part the goal of the reports is to help you understand what we’re working on, going to work on, and give you a fair assessment of our work quality.

11) Do I get to keep what you do? Will my links and rankings stay?

Absolutely, when we say the customer comes first we absolutely mean it. A big reason we started The Portland SEO company was because we hated to see all the scammers and hucksters out there. We always do what we can to help build your business, and if you’re not happy with our results we have no hard feeling about parting ways.

What We Stand For

We take character seriously. Great results, a winning attitude, honesty, and a little elbow grease go a long way in this world. We believe in being able to look ourselves in the mirror at the end of every day and know that we fought as hard as we possibly could for our customers.

When you work with us, these are the values yo can expect.

1. Extreme Ownership
Central to business is trust. The first pillar of trust is having the compassion to care about results, and the humility to admit when we’re wrong. You’ll never hear us saying, “that’s not my job.” We tackle the hardest problems with a winning attitude, and it’s always our fault first.

2. Measure Twice Cut Once
We’re relentless about success (and kindness). As much as we want to get things done, we believe in always getting the right things done correctly the first time.

3. Customer Obsession
We treat our customers like they’re our own family. We treat our clients’ customers like they’re our own. Nothing we do matters if customers aren’t satisfied.

4. Humility & Compassion
Results matter, but so do people. We believe that nothing is worse in life than a failure of kindness. We don’t leave soldiers behind, again winning with honor is better than winning no matter what.

5. We Build Trust
We listen before we speak. We respect others and take criticism seriously. And we’re not afraid of embarrassing ourselves. At the end of the day we’re candid, honest people.

6. Stay Hungry, and Deliver
Success breeds complacency. We’re our own hardest critics, and we keep driving ourselves forward.

7. Reach for The Stars
We dream big. Not because we love living in the clouds, but because shooting for the stars leads to the best results.

8. Keep It Simple Stupid
We don’t create solutions in search of a problem. We constantly innovate and reach forward, but with the leanest solution.

9. Never Stop Learning
The market constantly changes. We take time out of every week to make sure we’re staying on top of the latest industry trends.

10. Hire Great People, Serve Them
We believe and trust in everyone we hire. We give our employees the freedom to execute and become experts in their own realm.

Bonus #11  Chill
Nothing is more devastating to the competition than keeping a calm head. We may treat business like war, we may disagree, passionately argue points, but life is nothing without fun. After all if you don’t take a step back and look around every once in a while you might miss it ; )

Our Story
After years in the industry we’ve seen it all happening around us and within previous agencies. Among all the failures and success we saw in the industry around us one common factor emerged:
Motivated teams, who felt like they were doing the work that needed to be done, created the best outcome for their clients. And the clients who felt like we were serving their interests ended up being the most loyal. Together we built incredible campaigns that changed lives.
What we saw too often was half-hearted management from lackadaisical workers once the ink on the contract was dry.
We live to fight for our clients.
Every day we get up with the goal of doing the best work we can for you. And we refuse to give an inch to the competition, the fluctuations of the market, or any little algorithm change.
Things will change, but I can promise you that we will do what we can to keep your business growing.
Big Dreamers, Harder Workers
We pride ourselves on the practical. We merge big vision with clear execution. This ensures you’re never left in the dark and the results always make sense. Better yet, we don’t hide from bad news. If we feel like we aren’t getting results we own up to it and let you know. At the same time if we see an opportunity for growth, we present it.
Too often marketing companies are ruled by the needs of their own production process. We put your business first.

“… I’ve never worked with a company that made their process more clear. I trust Your Portland SEO Company to manage my marketing, so I can manage my business.” Frank Schmidt, M.D.

“We struggled for years to find a company that we could trust to help us stand out in our local market. Our reputation was key, and Your Portland SEO Company worked to preserve it, while helping us grow.” Will Perlin, Esq.

Not sure what you need, or where to take your business next? Not a problem, we can help!

We’re always available to chat. Please let us know if you have any questions.