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Our experts are always available to discuss the finer points of your business. We pride ourselves on being marketing nerds that are always willing to lend a helping hand. In our hearts we know that if you take the time to speak with us, you’ll know significantly more about what the best move is for you business.

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Our Specialties

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the art and science of altering a site so that it performs better in organic search. If you have a new business that needs a solid foundation for success, or a more mature business that could see more revenue growth SEO is an excellent choice.

Social media has embedded itself in the fabric of our lives. Most people spend the majority of their lives on social platforms. Luckily there’s ample opportunity for us to insert our brands onto social media where they’re likely paying the most attention.

Content marketing helps you tell your story to your target customers. By highlighting topics of interest and lending a helping hand, content marketing provides an excellent opportunity for customers to fall in love with your company.

Marketing Strategies Hand Crafted in Portland, OR USA!
Our Story
Over the years we’ve seen it all. Among all the failures and success, one common factor emerged:
Motivated teams, who felt like they were doing the work that needed to be done, created the best outcome for their clients. And the clients who felt like we were serving their interests ended up being the most loyal. Together we built incredible campaigns that changed lives.
What we saw too often was half-hearted management from lackadaisical workers once the ink on the contract was dry.
We live to fight for our clients.
Every day we get up with the goal of doing the best work we can for you. And we refuse to give an inch to the competition, the fluctuations of the market, or any little algorithm change.
Things will change, but I can promise you that we will do what we can to keep your business growing.
Big Dreamers, Harder Workers
We pride ourselves on the practical. We merge big vision with clear execution. This ensures you’re never left in the dark and the results always make sense. Better yet, we don’t hide from bad news. If we feel like we aren’t getting results we own up to it and let you know. At the same time if we see an opportunity for growth, we present it.
Too often marketing companies are ruled by the needs of their own production process. We put your business first.

“… I’ve never worked with a company that made their process more clear. I trust Your Portland SEO Company to manage my marketing, so I can manage my business.” Frank Schmidt, M.D.

“We struggled for years to find a company that we could trust to help us stand out in our local market. Our reputation was key, and Your Portland SEO Company worked to preserve it, while helping us grow.” Will Perlin, Esq.

Who We Are & What We Stand For

We take character seriously. Great results, a winning attitude, honesty, and a little elbow grease go a long way in this world. We believe in being able to look ourselves in the mirror at the end of every day and know that we fought as hard as we possibly could for our customers.

When you work with us, these are the values yo can expect.

1. Extreme Ownership
Central to business is trust. The first pillar of trust is having the compassion to care about results, and the humility to admit when we’re wrong. You’ll never hear us saying, “that’s not my job.” We tackle the hardest problems with a winning attitude, and it’s always our fault first.

2. Measure Twice Cut Once
We’re relentless about success (and kindness). As much as we want to get things done, we believe in always getting the right things done correctly the first time.

3. Customer Obsession
We treat our customers like they’re our own family. We treat our clients’ customers like they’re our own. Nothing we do matters if customers aren’t satisfied.

4. Humility & Compassion
Results matter, but so do people. We believe that nothing is worse in life than a failure of kindness. We don’t leave soldiers behind, again winning with honor is better than winning no matter what.

5. We Build Trust
We listen before we speak. We respect others and take criticism seriously. And we’re not afraid of embarrassing ourselves. At the end of the day we’re candid, honest people.

6. Stay Hungry, and Deliver
Success breeds complacency. We’re our own hardest critics, and we keep driving ourselves forward.

7. Reach for The Stars
We dream big. Not because we love living in the clouds, but because shooting for the stars leads to the best results.

8. Keep It Simple Stupid
We don’t create solutions in search of a problem. We constantly innovate and reach forward, but with the leanest solution.

9. Never Stop Learning
The market constantly changes. We take time out of every week to make sure we’re staying on top of the latest industry trends.

10. Hire Great People, Serve Them
We believe and trust in everyone we hire. We give our employees the freedom to execute and become experts in their own realm.

Bonus #11  Chill
Nothing is more devastating to the competition than keeping a calm head. We may treat business like war, we may disagree, passionately argue points, but life is nothing without fun. After all if you don’t take a step back and look around every once in a while you might miss it ; )

Working With Your Portland SEO Company
Do you love seeing the underdog win? I know we do. It’s the agility & passion of unified teams that pulls off incredible victories. The hunger to win is just the DNA of our company.
Step 5: Rinse and Repeat:
You can expect the same gusto from us in month 15 that you got from us on day one. We’re firm believers in the customer is always right. If you don’t feel like we’re winning for you, we’re not happy. You can expect monthly reporting from us, & a clear map of what we’ve done and where we’re going.
Not sure what you need, or where to take your business next? Not a problem, we can help!

We’re always available to chat. Please let us know if you have any questions.